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If It Walks Like Oscar Bait and Talks Like Oscar Bait

We never thought that immigration law — yes, immigration law, that form-dominated legal backwater in which underpaid attorneys struggle valiantly against the USCIS’s* mind-blowing incompetence — could spawn a feature film. But check this out:

Two years ago, Reed Smith associate Jayne Fleming won a Ninth Circuit appeal on behalf of a woman who had been raped by three soldiers at her home in Guatemala and was seeking asylum.

Now Fleming’s work on behalf of refugees could become the subject of a Hollywood film.

The Oakland-based lawyer says that after more than a year of talking with screenwriter James Dalessandro and producer Steve Chicorel, she signed an agreement allowing them to pitch a film about her work to financial backers.

Paging all Latina actresses who lust after gold statuettes. Salma, here’s your chance to nab the Academy Award that eluded you for Frida.
Young Associate’s Crusade May Become Hollywood Film [New York Lawyer]
* “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services” is the new name of the INS, which pulled an Altria and dumped its former moniker (with all of its toxic associations).

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