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Above the Law Hotties: ERISA Lawyers

erisa lawyers.jpegAbove the Law is on a mission. Our quest: to find the hottest ERISA lawyer in America.
For all of you non-lawyers — or for those of you who sat in the back row in law school — ERISA stands for the “Employee Retirement Income Security Act.” It’s the federal law, originally passed in 1974 and subsequently amended, that governs the administration of pension and employee benefit plans.
So yes, it’s pension law. And yes, it’s just as boring as it sounds.
But just because a practice area is a sleepy backwater doesn’t mean its practitioners can’t be hotties. To the contrary, ERISA lawyers have more time than overworked M&A attorneys to tone their bodies at the gym and get facials at the spa. So we’re expecting to see some pulchritudinous practitioners in this contest.
To nominate an ERISA lawyer, here’s what we need you to email us (subject line: ERISA Hottie):

(1) the nominee’s name, title (e.g., associate or partner), and where they practice;

(2) a decent-sized, reasonably high-quality, digital photograph of the nominee (ideally a face pic); and

(3) a testimonial, in which you sing the praises of your favorite hottie and explain why he or she deserves to be crowned America’s hottest ERISA lawyer.

We’ve done our part; now it’s up to you. Turn on those digital cameras, fire up those email accounts, and send in your submissions (subject line: “ERISA Hottie”). We’ll accept nominations until — eh, until whenever we feel like it, depending on the response rate.* Assuming we receive enough nominees of both genders, the men and women will compete in separate categories.
After this competition, you’ll never think of ERISA the same way again. The next time you hear the words “ERISA preemption,” instead of getting sleepy, you’ll get turned on…
To all who seek the title of America’s Hottest ERISA Lawyer: GOOD LUCK!
Update #1: Nominations are due by Wednesday, September 6, at 5 p.m. (Eastern time). For more details, see here.
Update #2: You can vote on the male nominees here, and the female nominees here. Enjoy!
Update #3: The contest is over. Check out the winners by clicking here. Congratulations!
* We realize there is a distinct possibility that we will end up with zero nominees for this hotties contest. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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