And You Thought American Judges Were Crazy

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And now, a dispatch from our ancestral homeland, the Philippines:

A Philippine judge who said he consulted imaginary mystic dwarves has failed to convince the Supreme Court to allow him to keep his job.

Florentino Floro was appealing against a three-year inquiry which led to his removal due to incompetence and bias.

He told investigators three mystic dwarves — Armand, Luis and Angel — had helped him to carry out healing sessions during breaks in his chambers.

The court said psychic phenomena had no place in the judiciary.

So what’s poor Judge Floro supposed to do now?

[The Philippine Supreme Court] advised Floro to look for other jobs in areas where he will be successful, but not in the judiciary.

The obvious suggestion would be for him to become a psychic. But we think he’d make a great TV judge, a la Judge Judy or Judge Alex. Dwarf-driven decisions would have just about as much legitimacy.
Dwarfs can’t help ‘paranormal judge’ [Manila Standard]
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