Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: August 13, 2006

legal eagle wedding watch david lat above the law legal blog law blog david lat david lat atl.JPGThis week’s installment of Legal Eagle Wedding Watch is a little late. But we have an excuse: the New York Times wedding announcements went on forever this week! And so many of the couples getting hitched involved lawyers. Picking our contenders took us more time than usual.
It was tough, but we managed to narrow the field to three worthy pairs:

1. Lee Reiber, Bruce Adams

2. Deirdre Stanley, Shaun Massiah

3. Berit Winge, Marc Berger

The competitors go mano-a-mano, after the jump.

1. Lee Reiber, Bruce Adams
Resume score: 8.0. She’s going to be an associate at a Connecticut firm we’re not familiar with, but he’s going to be clerking for Judge Griesa on the Southern District of New York. Together they average out to a solid score.
Family score: 8.2. His mother is a retired Episcopal rector, and his father is a marketing consultant. Her mother is a realtor, and her father is — get this — Paul L. Reiber, Chief Justice of the Vermont Supreme Court. Cool! (Yeah, we know, it’s state court; but still…)
Balance score: 8.0. Balance isn’t bad. He’s more high-powered than she is, with that S.D.N.Y. clerkship; but her dad is a state supreme court justice.
Overall score: 8.05.
Additional comments: A perfectly fine pair, with two highlights: the position of the bride’s father, and the bridegroom’s S.D.N.Y. clerkship.
2. Deirdre Stanley, Shaun Massiah
Resume score: 9.2. A delicious black power couple. She’s a senior VP and the general counsel of Thompson Corporation, the Canadian publishing giant that owns Westlaw. He’s a dentist with a private practice in Manhattan. Oh, and she’s a Duke and Harvard Law grad.
Family score: 7.2. Her dad has a construction company, and her mom is a retired English professor. His dad is a factory worker — for Steven Smith Stuffed Animals (bonus points for cuteness!) — and his mom is a nurse.
Balance score: 8.2. Pretty well-balanced; both have successful careers. She’s marginally more high-powered than he is.
Beauty score (only if pictured): 8.6. Deirdre is a well-coiffed cutie. And both of them have fabulous smiles. It pays to marry a dentist!
Overall score: 8.3.
Additional comments: We hear the placecards were printed on Westlaw password cards. How cute!
3. Berit Winge, Marc Berger
Resume score: 9.4. She’s a Columbia Law grad who’s at powerhouse Paul Weiss in New York. He’s a UVA Law grad who’s an assistant U.S. attorney in the renowned Southern District of New York. It doesn’t get much better than this, people.
Family score: 8.0. Her dad is the most high-powered of the ‘rentals: he’s a med school prof. His dad is a retired dentist, which is also pretty good.
Balance score: 7.8. Paul Weiss is a top firm; but an AUSA gig in the S.D.N.Y. is one of the brighest brass rings within the profession. So balance could be better.
Beauty score (only if pictured): 8.8. This couple exudes a wholesome, boy/girl next door appeal.
Overall score: 8.5.
THIS WEEK’S WINNING COUPLE: Berit Winge and Marc Berger. Credentials and comeliness: quite a combination. Congratulations!

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