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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: August 20, 2006

legal eagle wedding watch david lat above the law legal blog law blog david lat david lat atl.JPGWow — a whole lot of lawyers got married last weekend. And some of them are very impressive people. Like William Michael, a Yale law grad who will be clerking for the prestige-oozing Second Circuit. And Matthew Schwartz, who clerked for Judge Shira Scheindlin (S.D.N.Y.) from 2002 to 2004 — and lived to tell the tale…
But in order to make it into this week’s Legal Eagle Wedding Watch, both members of the couple needed to be lawyers (since Legal Eagle Wedding Watch prefers all-lawyer couples, and things were that competitive this week).
So neither Mr. Michael nor Mr. Schwartz made it past the velvet rope. Here are this week’s contestants:

1. Dara Kestenbaum, Scott Freling

2. Elizabeth Oyer, Geoffrey Wyatt

3. Sharmila Sohoni, Christopher Egleson

Find out this week’s winner of “Legal Eagle Wedding Watch,” after the jump (i.e., click on the “continue reading” link below).

1. Dara Kestenbaum and Scott Freling
Résumé score: 8.7. Pretty strong creds. She’s Emory Law and Paul Hastings (D.C. office). He’s even more impressive: U. Penn. law and Covington & Burling (after a clerkship on the Court of Federal Claims — no D.C. Circuit, but still).
Family score: 8.1. Perfectly respectable. Her dad works at IBM and her mother is a fundraising director for a Jewish community center. His dad is a retired obstetrician and gynecologist, and his mom just retired as a high school college counselor.
Balance score: 8.4. Fairly well-balanced; he has the edge on her credentials-wise.
Beauty score (only if pictured): 8.5. A wholesomely attractive couple.
Overall score: 8.425.
Additional comments: They got married at the Equinox Resort in Manchester, Vermont. Clearly they have excellent taste — and deep pocketbooks.
2. Elizabeth Oyer and Geoffrey Wyatt
Résumé score: 9.2. This is one high-powered couple. Both cum laude from Harvard Law (where she was executive editor of the law review). She’s now at Mayer Brown in D.C., and he’s at O’Melveny & Myers in D.C.
Family score: 8.8. Her parents are both doctors, and her father is going to become the director of the cancer center at Lancaster General Hospital — prestigious. His mother is a landscape architect; his father is a lawyer (but an associate, at a law firm in Saginaw, Michigan — hmmm).
Balance score: 8.6. Quite well-balanced. She has a slight advantage over him, both in résumé and familial terms; but they’re in the same ballpark.
Beauty score (only if pictured): 9.0. Very attractive. They’re in the transitional neighborhood between “super cute” and “downright hot.” Check out the online photo, which is better than the print photo — you can see how blue his eyes are. Ladies, control yourselves!
Overall score: 8.9.
Additional comments: They met each other at Harvard Law. Ah, true love in the shadow of the Gropius dorm. Who says “Legally Blonde” is just a movie? (Okay, she’s brunette, but whatever.)
3. Sharmila Sohoni and Christopher Egleson
Résumé score: 9.3. Another Harvard Law couple, but with marginally stronger creds than Elizabeth and Geoffrey, supra. She’s a magna HLS grad, which is super-impressive, who clerked on the D.C. Circuit (yeah, we know, for Judge Judith Rogers; but still). And she’s bound for Jenner & Block’s elite D.C. office. He clerked for Judge Norman Stahl on the First Circuit and is headed for the D.C. office of Akin Gump.
Family score: 8.8. Solid. Her father is an executive at an Indian conglomerate, and her mother is a published author and former Stanford research fellow. His dad is a tech consultant, and his mom is a psychotherapist in private practice.
Balance score: 8.7. As well-balanced as Elizabeth and Geoffrey, with the woman again having the stronger résumé (more prestigious clerkship and firm).
Overall score: 8.93.
Additional comments: Judge Stahl officiated at the wedding. What a touch of class!
THIS WEEK’S WINNING COUPLE: Sharmila Sohoni and Christoher Egleson. It was a photo finish between the two Harvard Law couples; but in the end, Sharmila and Chris won by a nose. Congratulations!

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