Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 8.15.06

* Ah, the Brits. We don’t want to emulate them on, say, the culinary front — bangers and mash, anyone? But we may be able to learn a thing or two from their counterterrorism laws. The Justice Department is comparing U.S. and British counterterrorism laws to see if any changes should be made in American law — and if those changes would be constitutional. [New York Times]
* It’s official: now that President Bush has signed the bill, the controversial cross on a San Diego hilltop in now under federal control. But litigation seeking its removal will continue. [Los Angeles Times]
* Now that Ken Lay has passed away, effectively vacating his Enron convictions, the government wants to recover some of Lay’s proceeds from fraud from fellow fraudster Jeffrey Skilling. But they’re not the only ones with an eye on Skilling’s assets. Jeff Skilling owes L.A. law behemoth O’Melveny & Myers some $30 million in legal fees (on top of the $23 million he paid the firm previously, before the start of trial). [New York Times]
* The NYT editorial board doesn’t like President Bush’s judicial picks. We’re sure this will keep him up at night. [New York Times]
* Americans are even more stupid than previously thought. According to a recent poll, “77 percent of us can identify two of the Seven Dwarfs, [but] only 24 percent could name two Supreme Court justices.” [Washington Times]

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