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Morning Docket: 8.30.06

antonin scalia no girls allowed.JPG* The number of women clerking at the Supreme Court has fallen to the lowest level since 1994. It’s all Scalia’s fault. Oh wait, no it isn’t — he never hires women anyway. [New York Times]
* Former Whitewater prosecutor Ken Starr has asked the Supreme Court to hear the appeal of a high school that disciplined a student for displaying a banner that said “Bong Hits 4 Jesus”‘ during an off-campus Olympic torch relay. Such a killjoy, that Starr! And definitely don’t stick that doobie you-know-where… [Associated Press]
* A federal court has tossed out the retaliation claim made by Jesselyn Radack, the ex-Justice Department lawyer who advised the FBI not to question John Walker Lindh without his lawyer. [National Law Journal]
* One year after Hurricane Katrina, life is still hard for lawyers in the Big Easy. One former New Orleans attorney is now working as a short-order cook. So stop complaining about the paper cut you got doing document review. [National Law Journal]

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