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Non-Sequiturs: 8.31.06

* Corporate associates, listen up: sometimes that mind-numbing due diligence actually matters. Sometimes. [The Recorder]
* Oooh, we no likee. Will this prevent us from forwarding embarrassing summer associate emails to 50 of our closest friends? [WSJ Law Blog]
* What the “Burning Man” cultural festival shares in common with a law firm: “It’s a very intense place. People sometimes have a meltdown.” []
* Can someone please invite us to some cool lawyer parties? Like ones with models ‘n stuff? Please? [Wonkette]
* Stuart Rabner, New Jersey’s next attorney general (barring something totally unforeseen), really is as great as everyone says he is. (Disclosure: We’ve worked with him.) [Philadelphia Inquirer; New Jersey Law Journal; Harvard Law Bulletin]

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