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Stupid Lawsuit of the Day: Meow!

cats.jpgThank God for the rule of law. It’s great that we have courts and judges to resolve disputes like this one:

How many meows does it take to make a misdemeanor? Jeannette District Judge Joseph R. DeMarchis will make that determination in 90 days.

He heard testimony Tuesday in the case of a city teenager who allegedly said “meow” repeatedly to a neighbor. Michael Loughner, 14, of 108 Harrison Ave., was charged with harassment by Jeannette police after a July 23 incident.

And what was the alleged harassment?

Alexandria Carasia, 78, of 106 Harrison Ave., said that was the day she finally called police.

“I’ve had to put up with this for three years,” Carasia said. “As I walk by, I see Michael and his mother. He got on the porch and hid behind the bamboo screen and starts meowing. If I don’t make this stop now, they’re going to keep doing this to me. I shouldn’t have to worry about walking out of the house and being harassed by this young kid.

“Every time he sees me, he meows,” Carasia testified.

Get a grip, Alex. Would you prefer that he bark at you?
Old. People. So. Crazy.
Neighbors’ catfight ends up in Jeannette court [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

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