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ERISA Hotties: A Weekend of Campaigning

erisa beauty queen.jpgThe polls in our ERISA Hotties Contest will remain open throughout the weekend. In fact, as we previously mentioned, they’ll stay open until Tuesday. Click here to vote on the men, and here to vote on the women (if you haven’t done so already).
With a few more days of voting, there’s ample time for laggards to catch up — if they campaign hard enough. Right now, the women’s race is very competitive: Sarah Downie has 29 percent of the vote, but Jennifer Stojak isn’t far behind, with 23 percent. Heather Meade is running third, with 11 percent. At this early stage, the percentage margins aren’t large in absolute numbers: Downie and Stojak are separated by under 20 votes.
Meanwhile, on the men’s side, Professor Bruce A. Wolk has driven his Camry — vanity plate “ERISA 74″ — out to an early lead (31 percent). But the good professor’s lead is much narrower than it once was, and Jordan Backman, at 24 percent, is within striking distance. Michael Maricco and Malcolm Slee are running third and fourth, with 13 and 12 percent of the vote, respectively.
We’ve heard back from more of the nominees (a number of them off-the-record, sadly). But Sarah Downie and Jennifer Stojak were willing to comment on the record. Check out their statements, after the jump.

A statement from Sarah Downie:

This is a dream come true. Because I’m a Canadian living in the U.S., the Miss America pageant has been off limits to me and this is just so much better I am almost at a loss for words. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this sure-to-be career-expanding endeavor.

And one from Jennifer Stojak:

You certainly would not be able to tell from my husband’s nomination of me, but this sort of gesture is very out of character. I mean, this from a guy who never buys flowers and protests Valentine’s Day (not that I disagree with him on the latter). In any event, I am flattered to have made the final cut, but I believe my husband deserves all the credit there — my six year old law firm “mug shot” surely did not inspire that decision or any of the subsequent votes. (It’s very tempting to try to save face and send in a more recent, much more flattering, picture.)

While done in jest, I’m nonetheless happy to see ERISA getting this sort of press. It’s a great area of law with a great group of practioners — few of which actually live up to the ERISA lawyer stereotype. Where else can you delve into prohibited transactions, cross testing, and top hat plans on a daily basis? (Hummm… perhaps typing that means I am living up to the stereotype.) Well, thank you to everyone good humored enough to vote. My mom will be so proud if I win.

We thank Sarah and Jennifer for their eloquent, heartfelt words. We wish them, and all of the other competitors, the best of luck.
And if you’re a nominated ERISA hottie who has not yet issued a campaign message — unlike Jordan Backman, Mike Maricco, or Professor Bruce Wolk, who have all made statements — it’s not too late. Drop us a line, and we’ll get your message out to the electorate. Thanks!

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