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Jack Roberts: We Knew We Liked That Kid

jack roberts with chief justice john roberts.jpgThe children of Supreme Court justices are a pretty impressive bunch. Consider these examples. Eugene Scalia is a prominent labor lawyer and former Solicitor of the Department of Labor. Jane Ginsburg, following her mother’s footsteps into academia, is a highly regarded law professor at Columbia. And Phil Alito — he’s a total hottie.
But we reserve a special place in our hearts for Jack Roberts, the adorable son of Chief Justice John G. Roberts. When Jack upstaged President Bush by tap dancing during the press conference announcing his father’s SCOTUS nomination, we thought to ourselves, “Gotta keep an eye on that tyke.” And now, we learn this (via the Washington Examiner):

“Let me explain the government to you. There’s God, then there’s the president and then there’s my father.”

— Jack Roberts, 6-year-old son of Chief Justice John Roberts, overheard speaking to one of his young peers on the last day of summer camp

To all you first-year law students: skip the Con Law lecture on separation of powers. L’il Jack Roberts just told you all you need to know.
Yeas and Nays: Speakeasy [Washington Examiner]

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