Fashion Victims Unit

Law and Order: Fashion Victims Unit

fashion victim.jpgWelcome to Law and Order: Fashion Victims Unit, an Above the Law feature that we hope will catch on with fashion-forward lawyers.
FVU will be like New York magazine’s “Look Book” column — see, e.g., here — but for attorneys. We’ll put up a photograph of a lawyer with an interesting or distinctive way of dressing, then either interview that individual — if they agree to participate — or offer color commentary on their outfit (a la Gawker’s Looking at the Look Book).
This feature will require some reader participation. Here’s what we need from you: good-sized, high-quality, head-to-toe photographs of sartorially distinctive lawyers. You can send in pictures of friends, colleagues — or even yourself.
Please send us your submissions by email (subject line: “FVU”). Thanks!

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