Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 09.13.06

grannies gone wild.JPG* Hey, what’s going on in the HP leak investigation scandal? Quite a lot, actually. Here’s a good linkwrap for you. [WSJ Law Blog]
* “Girls Gone Wild”? Uh, not anymore. Make that “Women Gone Wild” — women over 18, thank you very much. [Los Angeles Times]
* Republican Senators and the Bush Administration talk turkey on detainee treatment issues and military tribunal protocols. A deal may be imminent. [New York Times; Washington Post]
* Senate Republicans give the White House lots of grief — they’re can be so dom sometimes (especially that McCain). But the House Republicans are delightfully sub: “Wiretap us up, wiretap us down!” [Washington Post]
* A recent Third Circuit ruling could give a break to defendants in crack cocaine cases. FPDs and AUSAs: Hammer out your respective boilerplate. [Philadelphia Inquirer via How Appealing]

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