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SCOTUS Clerk Hiring Watch: No More Nino for OT 2007

bryan killian.jpgEarlier this week, we filled you in on three of Justice Antonin Scalia’s four brilliant law clerk hires for October Term 2007: John Bash, Aditya Bamzai, and — last but definitely not least — the fantabulous Rachel Kovner.
Well, now Nino is all done hiring his clerks for October 2007. The name of his final hire: Bryan Killian (at right; very cute, in a boyish, preppy sort of way). Bryan went to UVA and Harvard Law School, clerked for Judge Paul Niemeyer (4th Cir.), and is now a Bristow Fellow in the Solicitor General’s office.
Bristow Fellowships, for those of you not familiar with them, ooze prestige from every orifice. Along with a stint at the Finishing School for the Elect, a Bristow is a common springboard to a SCOTUS clerkship (although lately BFs haven’t fed to the Court like they used to).
As noted in the HLS Alumni Bulletin, Mr. Killian fulfilled his pro bono requirement at HLS by “designing a legal crash course for teenage creators on the Internet.” Hey Bryan — if we ever get into any legal trouble, can we give you a call?
To those of you harbored dreams of waiting hand-and-foot on the Empress of Palo Alto, sorry; Bryan Killian has beaten you to the punch. He’s the lucky guy who will be fanning Rachel Kovner with a peacock feather — unless John Bash or Aditya Bamzai has called dibs on that task, in which case Bryan will be stuck on peeling-grape duty.
Congratulations, Bryan!
A Practical Good [HLS Alumni Bulletin]
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