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Skaddenfreude: Private Law School Salaries, Please

100 dollar bill Above the Law Above the Law law firm salary legal blog legal tabloid Above the Law.JPGIn response to our recent request for information about academic salaries, a number of you reminded us that the salaries of many professors at state law schools are already publicly available. We had a vague recollection of this, but were too lazy to dig up links.

Thankfully, a number of you did that for us. Here they are….

From the ever-helpful TaxProf Blog:

–the top 10 law school professor salaries at the University of Michigan;

–the top 10 law school professor salaries at the University of California (various campuses); and

–the top 10 law school professor salaries at the University of Virginia.

On the Michigan data, one reader had this commentary:

Michigan is home to a number of the Elect, including (1) Daniel Halberstam (Wald/Souter), who I think is married to Nina Mendelson Ellen Katz [Ed. note: See this comment, and this NYT wedding announcement.]; (2) Joan Larsen (Sentelle/Scalia); and (3) Richard Primus (Calabresi/Ginsburg).

All of them kind of fall on the low end of the pay scale: $163,000 (Halberstam), $114,240 (Larsen), $140,000 (Primus). Do those shining gems not require corporeal nourishment, and so forgo food budgeted into their salaries?

In light of the abundance of information about legal academic salaries at public law schools, consider our earlier request for information modified. We’re still interested in hearing about how much law school professors and deans — especially hot deans — take home. But if you have information on a non-state law school, we’re far more interested in that.

As always, you can submit the information via email (subject line: Skaddenfreude). And as always, you have our undying gratitude.

Law Prof Salaries at Michigan [TaxProfBlog (also includes, as a PDF file, a table showing all U. Mich. law salaries)]
More on Law Prof Salaries [TaxProfBlog]
Ten Highest Paid University of California Law Faculty [Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports]

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