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Summer Associate Stories: Girl Gone Wild

paper moon.JPGRemember Cristina Leeann Schultz, a.k.a. the Stanford Law escort? The federal government alleged that she “paid off more than $300,000 in student loans, [working] under the stage name of Brazil, a call girl who roamed the country to turn ‘high-priced hottie’ tricks.”*
Perhaps Brazil — er, Ms. Schultz — is inspiring future generations of female law students to explore, um, other professional opportunities. Check out our latest summer associate story:

[A] summer associate at McGuireWoods in Richmond apparently was feeling unfulfilled by her list of assignments for the summer. So she headed down to the Paper Moon strip club for Amateur Night. For anyone who hasn’t sampled Richmond’s professional nudie scene, it’s pretty terrible. I can only imagine the horror of amateur night.

Anyway, said summer associate — I believe she goes to school at [redacted] — got onstage, did her thing… and WON. Sadly, her secret remained safe through the end of the summer, and no one ever really found out.

Until now.

We congratulate this multi-talented law student. Any summer associate can throw on a pantsuit. But how many can throw one off?
So can you top that? We’re still on the prowl for more silly summer associate stories. You know where to reach us.
* What, pray tell, is a “high-priced hottie” trick? Is this a term of art within the world’s oldest profession?
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