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The Eyes of the Law: Leading Lawyers Chowing Down

john roberts at cosi.JPGIn response to our request for legal celebrity sightings, you sent a few our way, which we now share in these pages.
But we know that you can do better. Next time you see a famous lawyer or well-known judge around town, please let us know, by email (subject line: “Sighting”).
Today’s sightings have a theme: FOOD. Prominent and Supreme Court justices have been spotted at the feeding trough. Great legal minds need the fuel of high-quality chow to propel them through their mountains of work.
Here are the sightings — all in Washington, DC, where you can’t throw a rock without hitting an attorney (hopefully not a personal-injury lawyer):

Last month, on a Sunday afternoon around 1:30, I saw Chief Justice John Roberts walking on Pennsylvania Ave. SE and 2nd St., towards the Library of Congress. He was wearing khakis and a blue polo shirt, with some kind of acronym on it, and carrying a Cosi bag and coffee.

It’s interesting to see that Chief Justice Roberts was hard at work on an August weekend (while his colleagues were frolicking around Europe, no doubt). Since Chief Justice Roberts lives out in Chevy Chase, Maryland, there would be little reason for him to be walking around in that neighborhood if he weren’t in chambers. And if he were doing some sightseeing in the area — like when he took a tour of the Folger Shakespeare Library back in July — one would expect him to be accompanied by his wife Jane and their two kids, Josie and Jack Roberts.
So we’re guessing that JGR was at work that day and just stepped out to grab a little lunch. And Cosi is a logical choice for the Chief: we know that he likes sandwiches for lunch, based on prior sightings of him at Au Bon Pain. (ATL to JGR: We recommend the Tuscan pesto chicken sandwich. It’s scrumptious!)
Chief Justice Roberts’s colleague, Justice Antonin Scalia, has somewhat less healthy eating habits. His weakness for pizza at AV Ristorante is well-known. But on a Friday this past summer, he was spotted in very different surroundings:

On a Friday earlier this summer, I spotted Justice Scalia and four young men (presumably his clerks) at Chinatown institution Full Kee. I was surprised to see him there, since I thought he was more partial to AV’s anchovy pizza. But he and his clerks had a nice spread of food out before them, and they seemed to be enjoying it. I didn’t get a good look at what they had, but one of the items appeared to be a beef dish of some sort — maybe beef with broccoli or sesame beef (couldn’t tell just from sight, and Nino didn’t invite me over for a taste).

Very interesting! We didn’t know that Justice Scalia was so fond of Chinese food. It would have surprised us less to spot him at the site of our next celeb spotting:

Former Solicitor General Ted Olson, and Federalist Society grand poobah Leonard Leo, were at Morton’s on Connecticut today [Friday, September 1]. Shocking, I know.

Olson was sitting underneath Leonard Leo’s photo, but Leo was in the next booth over. Both were wearing suits. No consumption details, alas.

Speaking of Ted Olson, today is his birthday (as we noted earlier). Above the Law wishes him all the best.
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