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ATL Caption Contest Winner: Schopenhauerian

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No, we didn’t forget about our little caption contest. But we almost did, due to the paucity of entries. The runaway winner: Schopenhauerian, our “celebrity commenter” here at ATL.
Here is his — or her? — winning entry, to accompany the photo shown above:

Meet legal supergeniuses Emily and Mandy, the youngest clerks in the history of the Supreme Court.

After earning her JD from Harvard Law summa cum laude, Emily previously clerked for Judge Kozinski. Mandy, first in her class at Stanford Law, served in the office of Solicitor General Paul Clement and went on to clerk for Judge Luttig. Emily’s interests include comparative constitutional law, baton twirling, 18th century German literature, and roller skating. She has also written extensively on all aspects of international arbitration law. Mandy specializes in federal jurisdiction and statutory interpretation, and is the world’s leading authority on “My Little Pony” collectibles.

What clinched it for us: the “My Little Pony” shout-out. We have a weakness for all things MLP.*
And Schopenhauerian gets bonus points for the superior graphics skills demonstrated in this photoshop masterpiece:
david lat supreme court photo.jpg

“Mr. Lat, we know you love attention, but don’t you think this is taking it a bit too far?”
Congratulations, Schopenhauerian! (Please email us — we’re very interested in getting to know you.)
* We will refrain from telling you, due to its embarrassing nature, about how when we were little, we commandeered our sister’s “My Little Pony” collection to convene a “Pony Parliament.” In the end, the tenuous governing coalition assembled by Pretty Parasol© fell apart after a vote of no confidence.
(Clearly we evinced a keen interest in political and legal affairs from an early age.)
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