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Judge of the Day: Sam Harris

The political blogosphere, including our former home, is having tons of fun with the downfall of Mark Foley — you know, the House Republican from Florida who sent smutty emails and IMs to underage male pages.
Well, the legislative branch doesn’t have a monopoly on naughty talk. This latest story is about a state rather than federal judge (of course), but it does show that judges know how to get down ‘n dirty:

Justice of the Peace Sam Harris, who blew the whistle several years ago on a colleague viewing pornographic Web sites on the job, admitted Monday to using profanity and graphic language in an online chat room.

On Saturday, Feb. 25, he wrote: “When in doubt, show Sam ur titties. But you don’t have those, so lol (laugh out loud) away.”

joystick.gifIt might violate principles of comity, but can some federal judge out there please enjoin state court judges from using “LOL”? (Yes, we use “LOL” sometimes in email correspondence — but we’re bloggers, so that’s okay.)

The chat room is connected to an online video game called “Gore.” In August, Harris wrote in the chat that he played the game on the Web site one to six hours a day, running up more than 5,000 hours of play.

Well! It seems that this is one judge who likes to play with his joystick, in addition to banging his gavel.
And Judge Harris also has no qualms about giving people a peek beneath his robe:

At 5:06 p.m. Monday, March 6, Harris wrote to a friend about a vasectomy: “Jesus God help me, but it just hurts thinking about it. I know you would rather I didn’t hope’ anything about ur balls, but still hope it ain’t that bad. I get ALOT of pressure to get clipped. Scared. Very scared.”

TMI. Additional excerpts from Justice Harris’s chat room postings are collected over at the Electric City Weblog. This quote is our favorite:

Harris said the gay porn images [he caught his colleague viewing] “will remain with me for the rest of my life.” He said he “couldn’t sleep that night and kept visualizing another of the screen images of ‘one man giving another man oral sex.'” Earlier Harris had said that, as a result of viewing the images, “my stomach has been upset and I am having difficulty sleeping.”

Methinks Sam Harris doth protest too much.
Weblogs Expose Judge’s Vulgarity [Great Falls Tribune via How Appealing]
History Lesson, QED [Electric City Weblog]

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