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Justice Alito’s Clerks: Your Help Is Still Needed

samuel alito jr samuel a alito jr justice alito.jpgWe haven’t forgotten about our pledge to profile the current class of Supreme Court clerks (for October Term 2006). As previously explained, we’ll start with the clerks to the most junior justice, Samuel Alito.
Here’s the rub. We don’t quite have enough information — in terms of interesting tidbits, fun facts, or amusing anecdotes — to profile the current Alito clerks. For your reference, they are:

1. Michael S. Lee (BYU ’97/Benson/Alito)

2. Christopher J. Paolella (Harvard ’99/Alito)

3. Matthew A. Schwartz (Columbia ’03/Alito)

4. Gordon D. Todd (UVA ’00/Beam)

We have more than enough information to profile Christopher Paolella, Matthew Schwartz, and Gordon Todd. But information about Michael Lee, son of former U.S. Solicitor General Rex Lee, is proving more elusive.
(Yes, we are aware of this news article about him. But we’re looking for more color, less résumé data.)
Do you have data about Mike Lee that you might be willing to share? Please contact us by email. And, of course, we’re still accepting tips about Chris Paolella, Matt Schwartz, and Gordon Todd — so feel free to send those along as well.
Once we have enough info about Mr. Lee, we’ll issue our group profile of the OT 2006 Alito clerks. Thanks!
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A Law Clerk Hiring Update: Alito’s Kids [UTR]michael lee mike lee christopher paolella chris paolella matthew schwartz matt schwartz gordon todd.JPG

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