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Law School Dean Hotties: A Quick Plug for Our Polls

ballot box.pngIn case you haven’t checked in here lately, we’d like to inform you that our Law School Dean hotties contests are well underway. There are three separate races going on:

1. Female nominees: Vote on them by clicking here.

2. Male nominees: Vote on them by clicking here.

3. Male nominees (B-bracket / alternates): Vote on them by clicking here.

Please note one change in the third poll, the “B bracket” of male nominees. We’ve added Saul Levmore, Dean of the University of Chicago Law School, as a choice.
Dean Levmore was supposed to have been included in the original poll, but was accidentally omitted. Unfortunately, because of the way that Pollhost operates, adding Dean Levmore required us to redo the entire poll — and discard the votes already cast.
Thankfully, relatively few ballots had been cast in that poll (unlike the other two races, in which hundreds of votes have been recorded, and where the nominee lists are absolutely final). But if you were one of the few people who voted in the original version of the “male alternates” race, we apologize for the inconvenience of making you vote again.
We haven’t figured out when we’ll end the contest, but we’ll keep the polls open at least through the weekend. So if you have particular deans that you’re rooting for, there’s ample time for a “get out the vote” operation. Good luck!

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