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Law School Dean Hotties: The FARKers Speak

You may be wondering how the number of votes tallied in our Law School Dean hotties contest, on the women’s side, went from about 1,000 to over 7,000 — basically over the weekend. The answer, in a word: Fark.
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Fark is a hugely popular website, started by a fellow named Drew Curtis, that collects weird news and humor. It can be very funny, as long as you don’t mind juvenile jokes, and a little — or a lot of — vulgarity.
(Yes, Fark is even more juvenile and vulgar than ATL. Think of it as the xoxohth message board, but without the ambition.)
Anyway, Fark linked to the Law School Hotties contest, and the rest is history.
Fark has a large and active community of commenters. A number of them had some, er, interesting things to say about the candidates.
Check out some selected excerpts from their comments, after the jump.

Here are some of things that readers had to say about ATL’s Law School Dean Hotties contest. The comments started off with a modicum of intelligence (albeit with a spelling error):

Damn, some of them are really good looking. Kagen [sic] may be on the short list for potential Supreme Court Justices if one retires/dies during a Democrat presidency.

But things went downhill from there — and quickly:

Asha be studying my briefs, for sure!!!

#’s 1, 3, and 6 are very hittable, no doubt about it. [Ed. note: That’s Leah Jackson, Erin Keyes, and Asha Rangappa, for those of you scoring at home.]

I think everyone should vote for elana [sic] kagan just to complete screw up the poll.

Who comes up with this crap? Up next: Hottest stenographers!

I’d rather follow the Tyson’s chicken truck on a slow and twisting road for 1,000 miles than do Kagan.

Wow.. yeah. Leah, Erin, and Asha are all very hot, but I have to go with the consensus here. Asha is teh winnar. I’d hit her like a ton of lawschool books.

OMG Now that I see the polls… Kagan is in front of Wiggins!? How can that be?? I mean, Mary Jo isn’t in my top 3, but she is definately 4th. Elena Kagan looks like Jabba’s sister!

I need to school Asha on the penal codes of my state.

1, 3, 6, and 7 [Ed. note: Jackson, Keyes, Rangappa, and Wiggins]. I’d like to res ipsa their loquitor.

Thats creepy… Jackson is my girlfriend’s old roommate’s mother…

A few comments on the men’s race:

I’ve got to agree with the “the smoking hotness of Evan Caminker, Dean of the University of Michigan Law School.” Good god why couldn’t we have had someone like this at my University?

Hiram Chodosh has a bit of a Viggo Mortenson thing going on, with a touch less smouldering intensity. The rest are ho hum, worth a romp for a good grade, but I wouldn’t stick around once the semester’s over.

If [Caminker] was my law prof, i’d damn sure actually make it to class and pay attention. . . and see if he offered any private tutoring 😉

And, finally, some Farksters tried their hand at Photoshop:
fark photoshop 1.JPG
Oy. In the words of Rodney Dangerfield, Harvard Law School Dean Elena Kagan “don’t get no respect.”
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