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Law School Dean Hotties: The Winners!!!

evan caminker 4 evan h caminker dean caminker.JPGasha rangappa 2 asha rangapa asha ranggappa asha ranggapa.JPGSeven gorgeous women. Seven mouthwatering men. But only two law school administrators could emerge victorious.
Voter turnout was tremendous. Harsh words were exchanged by partisans of the candidates. But in the end, cooler heads — and hotter bodies — prevailed.
With almost 10,000 votes recorded in both contests, congratulations to the two hottest law school deans in America:




For what it’s worth, we support the choices of the electorate. Asha Rangappa and Evan H. Caminker are worthy winners. Both are as hot as a fire in a crowded theater. YOWZA!
And both, it should be noted, are influential figures within legal academia. Rangappa, Assistant Dean of Admissions at Yale Law School, handpicks the legal leaders — and law professors — of tomorrow. Caminker, Dean of the University of Michigan Law School, heads one of the nation’s top law schools — as well as one of its top public educational institutions, in which hot-button issues like affirmative action are regularly raised.
walter dickey 3 walter j dickey.JPGIn addition, congratulations to WALTER DICKEY, who prevailed in the B-bracket of male hotties. Any man confident enough to wear a short-sleeved dress shirt is a hottie in our book.
(Yes, we know: The New York Times claims that short-sleeved dress shirts, previously associated in the popular imagination with Dilbert, are back in style. We respectfully dissent.)
For those of you who seek to challenge the hottie contest results in court, the final tallies are available for inspection. The complete women’s results are here, the men’s results are here, and the B-bracket men’s results are here. In our view, a challenge would be hard to mount; all the candidates won by comfortable margins.
Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to this contest: the folks who nominated hot law school deans; the hot law school deans themselves; and, of course, all the readers and voters who participated so enthusiastically (perhaps too enthusiastically, at times).
Like it or not, this isn’t the last legal hotties contest we’ll be having here at Above the Law. Have an idea for a future competition? Please share it with us, by email (subject line: “Hotties Contest Idea”). Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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