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Morning Docket: Help Wanted

help wanted.jpgSenior associates at law firms have a lot of wisdom to share. For example, consider this bit of advice, which they demonstrate by example: Why do your own work when you can get other people to do it for you?
(In-house counsel lawyers also know how to put this principle into practice.)
Well, we’re going to start employing it around here at ATL. We’re finding it impossible to keep up with all of our email correspondence, reading, and writing duties. So many newspaper and magazine articles, so many email messages, so many judicial opinions, so many posts at other fine blogs — and so little time….
(If you’ve emailed us recently, we apologize for the delay in responding; we probably haven’t even read your message yet. We just got back to the East Coast from Portland, Oregon — on the redeye flight.)
Because we’ve fallen behind — and because it has become quite clear to us that many of you are far more entertaining than we are — we’ve going to be outsourcing some of our duties. One of these is Morning Docket.
Are interested in becoming the head writer (read: only writer) of Morning Docket? If so, here are some questions for you:

1. Can you offer an amusing, “Daily Show”-style riff on each morning’s legal news?

2. Can you get the “Morning Docket” post up by 9 a.m. Eastern time each day, on a fairly consistent and regular basis? (We can fill in for you occasionally, e.g., if you’ve just pulled an all-nighter at your firm.)

3. Are you willing to undertake this duty for no reward other than (a) the ability to hone your non-legal / humor writing skills, (b) the chance to demonstrate your wit before an audience of thousands, (c) the glory of your byline in these unbearably cool pages, and (d) a good excuse to keep up with legal news?

(Read: This is a non-paying gig. But if you live in either D.C. or New York, we’ll take you out for coffee or drinks every now and then — and share with you some of the gossip we receive but can’t print in these pages. We’ll be besties in no time!!!)

If you might be interested in this excellent opportunity, please email us (subject line: “Morning Docket”), with these two things:

(1) a brief paragraph introducing yourself (e.g., “gunner law student and devoted blawg reader,” “disaffected associate aspiring to the writing life,” “retired Biglaw partner living in Aspen”); and

(2) an example of what one of your “Morning Docket” entries might look like.

Unlike law firm or clerkship hiring, our selection process will focus on the quality of your work product rather than on your credentials. While we do want to know a little about who you are, we will focus on your writing sample. If you can simultaneously enlighten and entertain us about the latest legal news, you’re our person.
Your byline will appear with each MD post (but you can write under a pseudonym if you prefer). We look forward to your submissions. Thanks!
Update: The deadline for submissions is Friday, October 6, at 5 p.m. Eastern time.

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