Non-Sequiturs: 10.11.06

ann althouse kindergarten.jpg* Harvard law professor John Palfrey on the Google-YouTube deal: “Google’s investors should not be too worried [about exposure to legal liability], but rather applauding this transaction as just the next stage in a wild ride.” [WSJ Law Blog]
* Is the New York Times going all “Da Vinci Code” on the Third Circuit? [Constitutionally Correct via How Appealing]
* Professor Ann Althouse was an adorable kindergartener! But maybe a little headstrong: she refused to cross her legs for the class photo (at right). (And no, we won’t make a Sharon Stone joke — they’re kindergarteners, for crying out loud.) [Oops, we misidentified her! But she’s still adorable. See this comment, by Professor Althouse herself.] [Althouse]
* Peter Lattman offers a firsthand report of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s visit to the Second Circuit. SOC sported a “stylish silver cravat,” which “match[ed] her stately silver mane.” [WSJ Law Blog]
* Throwing your four-week-old baby at your husband, in the middle of a heated argument, is a bad idea. Stick to plates and lamps. [QuizLaw]
* Judge Randall Rader of the Federal Circuit is “the closest thing to a rock star the patent bar has.” [The Recorder]
* Belated congratulations to Justice David Souter on his SCOTUS anniversary! He’s starting his 17th year on the Supreme Court. [PrawfsBlawg]

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