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Non-Sequiturs: 10.19.06

* I can’t wait for the RNC’s reaction. This cannot be for real. [New York Sun via Huffington Post]
* What? No Legally Blonde? [Fordham Film Festival]
* This is what happens when the creative spirit is suppressed by statutes and stuff. These judges need an outlet… maybe, I don’t know, a blog? [Sui Generis]
* Indie rockers are going the way of Tupac. [Houston Chronicle via Jamestown Lawyer]
* If it happened to a tax professor, it could happen to you. [TaxProf Blog]
* And, because I’ve been in need of a little pick-me-up, in the spirit of our big brother publication Dealbreaker, a sampling of attorneys’ searches for love across the country (via the ever-reliable Craigslist) — after the jump.

New York:
We’re guessing this gentleman’s use of “studly” is not ironic.
But we’re not sure about this guy’s.
Non-profit lawyers need not apply, or maybe she really does think attorneys are sexy.
San Francisco:
No, he really wants to be your mentor.
Los Angeles:
That “genes”/”jeans” pun is just hilarious. What woman wouldn’t want to have this guy’s children?
In praise of the aging closeted bear. (This is so 80s, gentlemen. The only thing that should be long and hard is the look you need to give yourself.)
Washington, DC:
I really don’t want to be mean here. After all, this family law attorney is honest enough to admit that looks matter and white bras are just not going to cut it.
Kansas City (we’re not coast-centric around here):
We’re not in Kansas anymore. (But he sure is. Sir, why don’t you get Showtime?)

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