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Non-Sequiturs: Another Writing Opportunity

help wanted 2.jpgJust as we’re looking for a writer for Morning Docket (thanks for your applications thus far), we’re looking for someone with a way with words — and an impeccable comic sensibility — to take over Non-Sequiturs.
Non-Sequiturs is our end-of-the-day linkwrap passing along funny or interesting links, prefaced by brief and amusing commentary. Witty writing is important, but good taste is just as critical. You should have an eye for amusing, quirky, thought-provoking material. If you can find a way to tie your items together thematically, that’s even better.
Oh yes, timing. Just as Morning Docket should be up by 9 a.m., Non-Sequiturs should generally be ready by 5 p.m. each day. But we would coordinate this with the publishing of other posts, and there would be some flexibility here.
One nice thing about Non-Sequiturs is that you get to dispense ATL link love — to your friends, your family, or your own blog. See, e.g., Ted Frank’s recent NS post. Just don’t abuse your exalted position (haha) by linking to blog posts by your aunt that have nothing to do with law. And don’t give away links in exchange for bribes (or if you do, please deal us in).
Interested in this fun, quasi-influential writing position? To apply, please email us (subject line: “Non-Sequiturs”). Please include (1) a brief blurb introducing yourself, and (2) an example of how one of your Non-Sequiturs posts might look. For more application details, look back at our help wanted post for Morning Docket.
One more thing: Your byline will appear with each NS post, so you will receive recognition for your efforts. You can use your actual name or a pseudonym, whichever you prefer.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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