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The Eyes of the Law: Flying Justices?

airplane.jpegAs gossip aficionados, we were excited to learn about this delicious website. From the NYT:

Ever wonder what the cabin crews on planes think of the passengers they serve? If you want to find out, log onto www.airlinecrew.net, a Web site “connecting crew members worldwide,” where flight attendants (or FA’s) spout off…

[I]t is the “celebrity sightings” thread within the Galley Gossip forum that makes for the best reading — posting after posting of who’s naughty and who’s nice in the air….”

Recalling the dishy write-ups of Justice O’Connor and Justice Breyer from Bitter Waitress, a similar website for restaurant servers, we headed over to the Airline Crew site. Our mission: to find judicial celebrity sightings at 30,000 feet.
Alas, unlike the Bitter Waitresses, our nation’s flight attendants seem to fit into the group of Americans who are more familiar with the Seven Dwarfs than the Nine Justices. Our diligent searches through the AirlineCrew.net gossip threads produced no Supreme Court justice sightings. (We didn’t bother looking for lower-court judges.)
The best we could do? Sightings of the Honorable Judith Sheindlin, aka Judge Judy. One flight attendant described her as “a tiny little thing.” Sure, she may be small; but she packs quite a punch.
From the same FA who saw Judge Judy came this comment, on Jennifer Lopez:

I CANNOT STAND THIS WOMAN… she yelled at me because I couldn’t make her a double espresso, and then told me that my shoes looked cheap!!!!!! can you believe it!? so I replied “well at least they match YOUR bag!”

We beg to differ with this FA. We adore J. Lo — and the more she acts like a diva, the more we love her.
Furthermore, we continue to believe Ms. Lopez should be nominated to the Supreme Court. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: “Who could resist the prospect of a case parenthetical reading, ‘Lo, J., dissenting’?”
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