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The Pioneer Courthouse: A Photo Essay (Part 2)

pioneer courthouse 15.JPG
This post is continued from The Pioneer Courthouse: A Photo Essay (Part 1). For background on this glorious historic courthouse, located in the heart of Portland, Oregon, we refer you back to that post.
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pioneer courthouse 10.JPG

The attorney lounge, where lawyers can chill before presenting oral argument. It’s smaller than the comparable lounge at the Supreme Court, but no less plush.
pioneer courthouse 11.JPG

This antique desk is topped by an old-fashioned, Underwood typewriter, kept under glass. No, you can’t use it to type up that bench memo.
pioneer courthouse 12.JPG

The super-comfy chambers for visiting judges. Ninth Circuit clerks, if you get to travel to Portland, this is what you can look forward to. (Feel free to contact us for hotel and restaurant reservations.)
pioneer courthouse 13.JPG

This replica of a traditional law office is on the fourth floor of the Pioneer Courthouse.
pioneer courthouse 14.JPG

A view of the Portland skyline from the cupola of the Pioneer Courthouse. On the Fourth of July during our clerkship year, we were stuck in chambers, working away. But we took a short break to watch the fireworks from here. Spectacular!
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