The Pioneer Courthouse: A Photo Essay (Part 3)

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The Ninth Circuit seal, in the Pioneer Courthouse library.
This post is the third in a series of photo posts, built around pictures we took when we attended the O’Scannlain law clerk reunion in Portland, Oregon, last weekend. The first two posts, which provide background on the reunion and the historic Pioneer Courthouse, appear here and here.
Our two earlier posts focused primarily on the public areas of the building. This post takes off where the last two left off, containing pictures of Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain’s chambers, plus more pictures of visiting law clerks touring the premises. Happy viewing!

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The library in Judge O’Scannlain’s chambers looks out on Pioneer Courthouse Square. The views are great — you can see transactions taking place (transactions that may later become the subject of Ninth Circuit appeals).
You’re so close to all the action, if you open the window, and if the wind is blowing the right way, you can smell the body odor of the vagrants. Now that’s what we call cruel and unusual punishment.
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You’ve seen this young jurist in the making before. She’s a daughter of former O’Scannlain clerk Steve Odell, currently an AUSA in Portland.
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Two very well-dressed people: Mrs. Maura O’Scannlain, Best-Dressed Judicial Spouse in the Article III judiciary, and Ryan Bounds, chief of staff in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Policy.
The impeccably dressed Mr. Bounds is regarded as the Department of Justice’s “fashion police.” We’ve nicknamed him the OSC: “Office of Sartorial Counsel.” Like the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC), his opinions may not always be what you want to hear. But they sure are binding!
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Judge O’Scannlain’s desk, in front of a beautiful stained-glass window with the Ninth Circuit seal on it.
Before the visiting judge’s chambers were constructed, Ninth Circuit judges sitting in Portland would sometimes use Judge O’Scannlain’s office and desk (while Judge O’Scannlain was in another city hearing cases). You can’t see it here, but the judge’s computer has a “wrist rest,” to prevent RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome.
One particularly germophobic jurist, before using Judge O’Scannlain’s computer, wrapped the wrist rest inside plastic bags. HA!!!
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A wall of honors and accolades for Judge O’Scannlain, including his honorary degree from Notre Dame.
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Back in 1994, Judge O’Scannlain judged the Harvard Law School moot court finals with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
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To quote the Barenaked Ladies, “This is where we used to live.” But the current occupant of our former office — we think it’s Rod Forter, is that right? — keeps it MUCH cleaner than we did….
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