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The Pioneer Courthouse: A Photo Essay (Part 4)

3 pioneer courthouse 8.JPG

Yes, ladies, he really is this handsome. Sorry, he’s taken.
From left to right: Professor William Birdthistle; Mark Schneider, an AUSA in Chicago; Ninth Circuit Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain; Brian Murray (OT 2002/Scalia); Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Cohn (OT 2000/Thomas); Carol Murray (we think); Cindy Zmijewski Demers (in profile); Ryan W. Bounds, of the Office of Legal Policy (and the Office of Sartorial Counsel).
For those of you who don’t like eye candy (of the admittedly blurry kind), you’ll be happy to know that this is the last in our series of photo essay posts about the historic Pioneer Courthouse, in Portland, Oregon. The prior installments can be accessed here (scroll down).
The latest batch of pictures, showing former O’Scannlain law clerks on a judge-led tour of the renovated Pioneer Courthouse, appear after the jump.

3 pioneer courthouse 5.jpg

Inside the judges’ underground garage, behold the wheels of justice: Judge O’Scannlain’s purple Subaru.
It’s an improvement over the vehicle he drove when we clerked for him: an enormous white Chevrolet Celebrity, not of the most recent vintage, which we affectionately dubbed “The Judicial Barge” (due to its gigantic proportions).
3 pioneer courthouse 4.JPG

Judge O’Scannlain, striking a jaunty and impish pose in the stairwell.
3 pioneer courthouse 6.JPG

Judge O’Scannlain’s Most Favorite Class of Law Clerks Ever. (Ssshhh, don’t tell the others…)
Left to right: Ryan Bounds, David Lat, William Birdthistle, and John Demers.
3 pioneer courthouse 7.JPG

Through the looking glass: Willa Curtis, Judge O’Scannlain’s judicial assistant.
3 pioneer courthouse 9.JPG

At the courthouse door: Adam Greenwood, of Modrall Sperling in Albuquerque, with his daughter perched on his shoulders. Not sure whose back that is.
3 pioneer courthouse 10.JPG

John Demers, of the DOJ’s new National Security Division, assuming a pose sure to strike fear into every terrorist’s heart.
3 pioneer courthouse 11.JPG

John’s wife, Cindy Zmijewski Demers, who shares our weakness for top 40 music.
3 pioneer courthouse 15.JPG

We don’t watch the show, but thought it was neat to find a copy of Gray’s Anatomy in the Pioneer Courthouse library.
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