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Weeping Over Wedgies?

wedgie.jpgWe can’t wait for the 1983 action. From the Associated Press:

The principal of Park High School returned to school Tuesday after a six-day suspension for giving a student a “wedgie.” The Livingston School District Board held a special meeting Monday and approved Superintendent Hannibal Anderson’s recommendation that Principal Eric Messerli be allowed to return to work.

“It has been clearly recognized and stated that the behavior is inappropriate, unprofessional and unacceptable,” Anderson said.

Plainly inappropriate. But people may be getting their tighty-whities in a wad over this:

Messerli cried Monday as he read a statement to the board and the public. “I’ve made mistakes in my life, but none have had the impact that this one has had,” he said.

He cried? Wow. That chafing must have been really bad.
Here is Tom Elia’s take:

Unnamed legal sources claim that the suspension would have been at least double if the plain ‘wedgie’ has been accompanied by a ‘pink belly,’ or had risen to the level of ‘atomic wedgie.’

There was some debate about what the penalty for administering ‘noogies’ should be, however.

(And there’s more; check out the full post here.)
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