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Wherein We Break Down and Write About Sara Evans

sara evans sarah evans country music star divorce.JPGSome things are too trashy even for us. Neither publication is The Economist; but there IS a difference between what US Weekly will cover and what Hello! will stoop to.
This reader email has been sitting in our inbox for, like, a week:

I know it’s not highbrow legal world information like who the most recent Supreme Court clerks are or who the hottest law school deans are, but how can you NOT be covering the story about country music star SARA EVANS and her divorce from an extremely kinky hubby?

Copious nude photos on the family computer, extra marital liaisons… Run of the mill for D.C. or New York, but in Tennessee? Belt buckle of the Bible Belt? Come on!

Yes, we’ve been avoiding it. But saturation coverage in the MSM has beaten us down.
Apparently there’s this country music star named Sara Evans. Recently she was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars (until she dropped out due to scandal). Anyway, right now she’s in the middle of a messy an absolutely hideous divorce from her husband, Craig Schelske. One of the most striking allegations is that Schelske had an affair with Evans’s former nanny and close friend, Alison Clinton.*
Here’s the latest news:

After hurling wild allegations and slinging mud every which way, Sara Evans and her estranged husband Craig Schelske have agreed to play nice — but there is still a chill in the air.

Both parties showed up in a Nashville court to hash out some of the terms of their nasty split. When asked if he still loved Evans, Schelske replied, “Yes, I do.” When Evans was asked if she shared the same feeling, the country diva said nothing.

Ouch. Cold, Sara. But this news was positively heartwarming:

[Before the court, Sara and Craig] agreed not to physically or verbally abuse each other. And, in a blow to Johnnie Walker, they agreed not to use “excessive” alcohol. Schelske also agreed to find a new place to live.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to go take a shower.
* No relation to Bill Clinton, as far as we know. But we did get Monica flashbacks — oh, happy memories! — when we heard, on one of the entertainment news shows, repeated references to “an affair with Clinton.”
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