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An Election Day Special Request: A Democratic Dream Team

voting booth above the law above_the_law.jpgAn ATL Public Service Announcement: Today is Election Day. Don’t forget to vote!
(That little PSA entitles us to, like, three posts of scurrilous gossip with no redeeming social value.)
The Democrats are expected take control of the House of Representatives in today’s midterm elections. A takeover of the Senate is not out of the question. And after today, everyone’s attention will turn to 2008 — and the next presidential election. (Senatrix Hillary Rodham Clinton, after trouncing John Spencer, will no longer be able to turn away presidential speculation by saying she’s just “focused on the Senate.”)
If current political trends hold, 2008 could represent the Democrats’ best shot at retaking the White House in a long, long time. And with the White House, of course, comes the power to fill numerous high-powered legal posts.
More of our coverage of lawyers in government has focused on conservatives. This is to be expected, since Republicans are in power right now. But to balance out our coverage, and because the Dems are ascendant right now, we’d like to pose this question to you:

Which leading lawyers would assume positions of power in a Democratic administration?

Yes, it’s a rather broad request. Here are examples of specific questions we’d welcome your thoughts on:

1. Who would be a likely Supreme Court nominee (or nominees) if a Democrat were president?

2. Who would be strong candidates for Attorney General in a Democratic administration?

3. Are any lawyers viable contenders for other Cabinet posts (e.g., Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense)?

4. Who would be strong contenders for other top positions: White House Counsel, Solicitor General, head of the Office of Legal Counsel, etc.?

These are just examples. Feel free to speculate about other posts as well, or offer general observations on how the legal landscape might look if the Democrats were in power.
We’re not quite sure what we’ll do with the tips we receive from you. Maybe we’ll report them in a series of posts, or hold some ATL reader polls. It will depend upon what the quantity and quality of your submissions.
Please send us your responses by email (subject line: Democratic Dream Team). Please include as much information and reasoning as possible in support of your “nominations” — the more “inside baseball,” the better.
And feel free to offer alternative scenarios. E.g., “In a Clinton administration, X would be a lock for Attorney General; but in an Obama administration, Y would get the job.” Since this is an exercise in speculation, go ahead and spin out all kinds of crazy hypotheticals.
We can’t wait to read your responses. Thanks!
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