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Associate Bonus Watch: The Milbank Memo Is Fake

stack of bills cash money.jpgWe tend to think that fact-checking is overrated. But sometimes it pays dividends.
This afternoon, a document purporting to be a Milbank Tweed bonus memo appeared on the oh-so-reliable message board of, aka xoxohth. It sparked frenzied discussion at both AutoAdmit and Greedy Associates.
We checked with our sources at Milbank. The “bonus memo” is phony. But we give the prankster credit for decent execution.
Update: Looking for the REAL Milbank Tweed bonus memo, issued on Friday, December 8? To view it, click here.
In case you’d like to see the fake “bonus memo,” in all of its fraudulent glory, we reprint it for you after the jump.

Remember, kids: THIS IS FAKE.
Re: 2006 Bonuses
We are pleased to announce class bonuses as listed below:
Class of 2005 – $15,000
Class of 2004 – $25,000
Class of 2003 – $30,000
Class of 2002 – $35,000
Class of 2001 – $40,000
Class of 2000 – $50,000
Class of 1999 – $55,000
Class of 1998 – $60,000
We sincerely appreciate all your contributions and look forward to another great year.
November 29, 2006
Christine Wagner
Director of Legal Personnel
1 Chase Manhattan Plaza
New York, NY 10005
Memorandum to Associates – Classes 2005-1998 and Specials []
Update: Associate Bonus Watch: The Milbank Memo Is REALLY Fake
Earlier: Welcome to ATL Associate Bonus Watch

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