Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: November 26, 2006

Legal Eagle Wedding Watch NYT wedding announcements Above the Law.jpgThe weekend of November 25-26 was shockingly short on lawyer weddings.
Call us paranoid, but we began to wonder: Were the editors of the New York Times wedding pages trying to starve us of material? Did they reject almost all wedding announcements for that week in which at least one spouse was an attorney?
This explains why, instead of the usual three, we have only two couples in competition this week:

1. Virginia Lazar, David McAuliffe

2. Ilyssa Lieberman, Stephen Steinlight

Scores and commentary for the newlywed couples, after the jump.

Virginia Lazar David McAuliffe Above the Law.jpg1. Virginia Lazar, David McAuliffe
Résumé score: 9.0. She went to Boston University and received her law degree from the University of Richmond. The announcement doesn’t specify her current employment. He graduated from Boston College and Harvard Business School, and he’s now a managing director in investment banking at J.P. Morgan Chase (London office). That kind of dough — the only question is whether he makes a seven- or eight-figure income — establishes a floor of 9.0 for their résumé score.
Family score: 8.4. Her father is the retired president of a home building company, and her mother works as a real estate agent. His late father was a pediatrician.
Balance score: 8.8. Although they’re very different individuals, they’re actually fairly well-balanced. And it’s a classic, complementary relationship: she has the youth and looks, and he has the wealth and profesional standing.
Beauty score: 8.5. She’s thin and pretty, but her hairstyle does her a disservice: it’s flat and a bit wispy. If it had more body, it would soften her facial features nicely.
Overall score: 8.68.
Additional comments: They were married in London, where he works. We bet they have a fabulous house. (We’re imagining a mansion like that of the Fedden family in The Line of Beauty.)
2. Ilyssa Lieberman, Stephen Steinlight

Résumé score: 8.3. She graduated from the University of Delaware and Adelphi (master’s degree), and she now works as a second grade teacher in Queens. He graduated from Cornell (with distinction) and earned his law degree at Rutgers. He’s an associate at Liddle & Robinson in Manhattan, which specializes in employment law for Wall Street and financial services industry executives (i.e., helping the rich stay that way).
Family score: 8.8. Her father is the president of a company that selss office and computer supplies; her mother teaches fifth-grade English. His mother works in the marketing services division of a hotel and travel company. His father is the president of an “importer and distributor of raw materials for dietary and vitamin supplements.” It’s only a matter of time before that conspicuously quirky employment shows up in a Wes Anderson movie.
Balance score: 8.4.
Overall score: 8.50.
Additional comments: We like the name of the officiant: Shira Nafshi. Her first name is almost an anagram of her last name.
THIS WEEK’S WINNING COUPLE: LEWW isn’t the same with only two couples. But each week must have a winner, and this week, the triumphant newlyweds are VIRGINIA LAZAR and DAVID McAULIFFE. Trans-Atlatnic congratulations to the happy couple!
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