Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: November 5, 2006

legal eagle wedding watch david lat above the law legal blog law blog david lat david lat atl.JPGAfter several weekends full of lawyer weddings, we’ve hit a dry patch. Last weekend, we found only three couples in the New York Times wedding announcements that included at least one lawyer. So we don’t have much choice in the couples we’re reviewing today:

1. Nancy Byrne, Peter Reinhart

2. Charifa Clark, Kevin Smith

3. Aleni Pappas, Anthony Kyriakakis

Our commentary and scores, after the jump.

1. Nancy Byrne, Peter Reinhart
Résumé score: 8.5. She’s a Clemson grad who now serves as executive director of the New Jersey Office of Travel and Tourism. He has a high-powered job: senior vice president and general counsel of Hovnanian Enterprises, the big home builder. He went to Franklin & Marshall College and Rutgers-Camden Law School.
Family score: 9.2. The clear highlight: her father, Brendan Byrne, was governor of New Jersey from 1974 to 1982. Wow!
Balance score: 9.0. Decent balance. Both have solid careers. Her family has more juice than his does; but his education pedigree is stronger (since he has a J.D.).
Beauty score: 8.0. They are older than the usual NYT couple: she’s 48, and he’s 56. (This is his fourth marriage, as the Times notes.)
Overall score: 8.68.
Additional comments: The ceremony was held at the Molly Pitcher Inn, a popular wedding venue. Chief Justice James Zazzali of the New Jersey Supreme Court officiated — very nice. (Timespeople: You erroneously omitted the “Chief” from his title.)
2. Charifa Clark, Kevin Smith

Résumé score: 8.0. She went to Spelman College and New York Law School, and she now owns a real estate development company, Clark Realty Group. He is an electrical contractor in Queens and a graduate of Empire State College (SUNY).
Family score: 8.4. Her father is a dentist — check out her great teeth — and her mother is a dean at a community college. His father is a chef and his mother is a secretary.
Balance score: 8.3. Charifa has a definite edge over Kevin in several respects.
Beauty score: 8.8. A cute couple, and they look good together.
Overall score: 8.38.
aleni pappas anthony kyriakakis Above the Law Blog.jpg3. Aleni Pappas, Anthony Kyriakakis

Résumé score: 9.0. She’s am Amherst grad who is now working in the family business (a fruit juice maker). He’s an assistant U.S. attorney in the prestigious Eastern District of New York, but he’s moving to another prestigious U.S. Attorney’s Office (Eastern District of Pennsylvania — Philadelphia). He went to Yale College (magna) and Harvard Law School (cum laude).
Family score: 8.7. Her father is the CEO of Clement Pappas & Co., the fruit juice maker. His father is a retired diesel mechanic, and his late mother was a saleswoman at a home decoration score.
Balance score: 8.8.
Beauty score: 8.8. Attractive. She has lovely olive skin, and her straight, dark hair is long and lustrous. He exudes an eager, boyish appeal.
Overall score: 8.83.
Additional comments: The Rev. Dr. Costa G. Christo officiated at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Wilmington, Delaware. Was it a Big Fat Greek Wedding? OPA!!!
(Also, “Kyriakakis” — hmm, that’s a mouthful! We don’t blame Aleni for continuing to use her name professionally.)
THIS WEEK’S WINNING COUPLE: Okay, we’ll be honest: this week wasn’t the strongest for attorney nuptials. But one couple has to win, and that couple is ALENI PAPPAS and ANTHONY KYRIAKAKIS. Congratulations!
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