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Non-Sequiturs: 11.13.06

* In law school, a burrito was not only a sandwich, but breakfast, lunch and dinner. And midnight snack. [AP via Yahoo! News]
* When you have too much self-respect for a reunion tour, or another farewell tour is just not feasible, or you haven’t securitized your music catalog, then this may be your last recourse. Money wouldn’t be an issue if you had ODed at age 27. [AP via MSNBC]
* It took an attorney’s flashing to rouse suburban moms to fight for stricter indecent exposure laws. This would be a funny “Desperate Housewives” storyline; they could also hire this guy back. [King County Journal]
* Privilege, murder, a Kennedy… and also an episode of Cold Case. [CNN]
* Not funny. But your anecdotes can be. So send them our way. If it’s really bad, find a (real) lawyer. []

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