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Non-Sequiturs: 11.15.06

* Since a dropped debt doesn’t exactly put a developing country in the black, Bono presumably is counting his pennies to continue to benefit the world’s poorest countries. Or maybe that memorabilia was all that they couldn’t leave behind. (More wordplay abounds. Why is it that even a non-fan like me can think of several puns off the top of her head? Damn that catchy U2 pop.) [MSN]
* Speaking of debt, can you believe it’s almost Christmas/Hannukah/Festivus? Catch this new documentary at a film festival near you, before you break out the plastic. [Consumer Law & Policy Blog]
* Remember when just a good idea could make you a paper millionaire? It’s safe to say that these days, you need a bit more than just a few scrawls on a cocktail napkin. But you’re still going to need this guy to inflate that bubble once again. [Wall Street Journal via Blawg Review]
* This time it’s the passenger suing the airline. And it’s breastfeeding, not alleged sexual acts. Not that we would never equate the beautiful and natural act of a baby pressing its face against the boob area to the less beautiful but equally natural act of a grown man pressing his face against the vaginal area. [Associated Press via MSN]

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