October 2014

* Read up, Kaavya Viswanathan. [Althouse]
* A great way for UVA students who also attended the Federalist Society Convention to cap off a busy week. [TJ's Double Play]
* As ever, a nod to the holidays-a few turkeys (as in the actual animal) in caselaw. [Law.com]
* Because thirst is never illegal. [Racialicious]

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Our series of photo posts from the Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention has been popular. The prior installments are available here, here, and here.

Our camera is now emptied out. The last of our Fed Soc photos, after the jump.

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No, we’re not done for the day (even though you probably are, and hitting the road for Thanksgiving travel). We still have a few more posts on the way.
For now, a quick collection of interesting links that pick up on stories that ATL has been following:
* The lawyer representing the Romanian villagers in the latest Borat lawsuit has had, um, some disciplinary issues. Color us surprised. [Overlawyered]
* Hungry for more Fifth Circuit scuttlebutt? Satisfy your appetite with Grits for Breakfast. [Grits for Breakfast (esp. reader comments)]
* Fear not, Legal Eagle Wedding Watch fans; LEWW will be returning momentarily (with two new installments). In the meantime, sate your credentials lust by checking out this Florida power couple. [Southern District of Florida Blog]

We’re not huge fans of this photo of Dean Evan Caminker of the University of Michigan Law School, posted at the WSJ Law Blog:
Evan Caminker sweatshirt Above the Law Evan H Caminker.jpg
First, we don’t think it’s the most flattering picture of Dean Caminker. Compare it to the ones collected here (contestant #1). Based on the photo above, you wouldn’t guess that Dean Caminker won our contest for America’s Hottest Law School Dean.
Second, Dean Caminker is wearing a sweatshirt. In sartorial terms, this is a capital crime. If not for the fact that he was forced to wear the sweatshirt, having lost a football bet with Dean Nancy Rogers of Ohio State, we would strip Dean Caminker of his hottie title.
Finally, a bitchy postscript. We have problems with this paragraph from the Law Blog post:

You can call Michigan’s Dean Caminker lots of things: a Yale Law grad, a Supreme Court clerk (Brennan), a Wilmer Cutler alum, a constitutional law scholar. Just don’t call him a welcher!

How can any responsible journalist leave out “America’s Hottest Law School Dean” from this list of titles? It’s a glaring omission (which a Law Blog commenter had to point out). C’mon, Peter, get with the program!
(Would a reference to our hotties contest be deemed too “lowbrow” for the WSJ Law Blog? We doubt it. After all, it’s the blog where we first read about the Emily Pataki bar failure email.)
Ohio State v. Michigan: Dean Caminker Honors the Bet! [WSJ Law Blog]
Law School Dean Hotties: The Winners!!! [Above the Law]
Law School Dean Hotties: Comment from Dean Caminker [Above the Law]

wesley snipes above the law above the law atl atl.GIFAh, Wesley Snipes. Not only is he an alleged tax cheat, as well as a possible fugitive from justice; he’s also practically illiterate a rather poor writer.
In an email to Scott Maxwell, a writer for the Orlando Sentinel (huh?), Snipes wrote:

Hi Scott, guess you can imagine I’ve been a little busy. Wow this is so crazy . . . Scott this was almost (10) ten years ago. Why are they coming with this issue now? Were the statutes of limitation running out or what? We thought all issues had been resolved. Guess not, huh? Like the situation in New York, and Florida, I know this has more to do with a few individuals with access to power, making moves (trying to move up!) and less with some alleged crime against the whole population of the United States of America. This reminds me of Rape cases where the “victim” is flipped, turned or converted into the role of victimizer, the “architect conspirator.” It appears I’m to be the scapegoat, because there’s more public interest in “celebrities gone bad” than “rich people being taken advantage of.”

Why does Snipes think he’s being victimized? He thinks his race may have something to do with it: “Being, a black male who asks questions doesn’t help the situation either.”
An elaborate government conspiracy, directed against an African-American male celebrity? We’re getting a feeling of deja vu.
But don’t expect Snipes to write a “hypothetical” memoir titled “If I Did It.” Tax fraud isn’t quite as sexy as double homicide.
Snipes says he’s ‘scapegoat’ in tax-fraud case [Orlando Sentinel]
Actor Wesley Snipes Claims He’s “Scapegoat” in Tax Fraud Prosecution [TaxProf Blog]

One highlight of this year’s Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention was the annual convention luncheon, held on Saturday, November 17. During the luncheon, a panel of distinguished judges addressed the very hot topic of judicial independence. The panelists:

Judge Carlos T. Bea (Ninth Circuit),
Chief Judge Danny J. Boggs (Sixth Circuit)
Judge Timothy B. Dyk (Federal Circuit)
Judge Patricia M. Wald (D.C. Circuit) (retired)
Chief Judge Dennis G. Jacobs (Second Circuit) (moderator)

A quick recap of the discussion, after the jump.

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britney spears britney_spears naked nude breasts above the law atl britney spears topless.JPG

After details of Britney Spears’s “airtight” prenuptial agreement were disclosed, revealing that her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kevin Federline, wouldn’t get much in the divorce, we began hearing this rumor:

Fed-Ex will be a hero to stragglers everywhere, moreso even than Kato, in his leveraging: [Britney] made an air-tight prenup; he made a videotape of his adventures into what had been allegedly air-tight territory during their honeymoon. Internet P0rn distributor’s offer: $40M. Somehow I think that she is going to cough up more than that to prevent a Paris H. repeat…

But despite any spam you may have received recently touting the “Britney Sex Tape,” it seems that America’s most valuable home video is just an urban legend. From Reuters:

There is no “sex tape” involving pop star Britney Spears and estranged husband Kevin Federline, his lawyer said on Tuesday.

After Spears filed for divorce from the fledgling rapper this month, reports surfaced in the tabloid press that Federline had in his possession a videotape of the couple having sex and was considering making it public.

“There is not a sex video of Kevin and Britney in existence,” said Federline’s divorce lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan. Representatives for Spears had no immediate comment.

K-Fed really IS screwed — and all because Britney wasn’t.
(At least not on camera. Unless this publicist’s nightmare counts).
There is no Britney sex tape, Federline’s lawyer says [Reuters]
Britney Spears “STONED” acting strange UNCUT VERSION [YouTube]

Become the Chief Justice of the United States!
John Marshall statute lap.JPG
(Query: Where were the Supreme Court police officers when this fun photo was taken?)

Borat Above the Law Legal Blog Law Gossip Borat.JPGThe Borat litigation juggernaut rolls on. And Fox, the studio behind the hit movie, is fighting back:

Fox attorneys filed a legal brief Monday slamming a request for a preliminary injunction against the hit comedy “Borat” as a “fatuous” attempt to thwart free speech, even as the studio’s legal battle spread to a second front.

“Plaintiffs may claim that they were tricked ‘into making fools out of themselves’ and becoming ‘unsuspecting players’ in the movie ‘Borat,’ ” the studio said in opposing the request. “They never contend … that bigoted and misogynistic statements were put into their mouths.”

The plaintiffs are the two fraternity brothers who are suing the studio for depicting them as bigots and misogynists — after they made, on camera, bigoted and misogynistic statements.
The frat boys may not be terribly sympathetic plaintiffs. But they’re not the only ones suing over Borat:

[A]ttorneys representing a pair of villagers in Glod, Romania, filed a $30 million lawsuit over their roles in “Borat.”

Filed in U.S. District Court in New York, the suit seeks to stop distribution of the film until scenes showing plaintiffs Nicolae Todorache and Spiridom Ciorebea are removed.

It didn’t take long for plaintiffs’ lawyers to discover Bhopal. What took them so long to find Glod?
Fox Fires Back at “Borat” Suit [Hollywood Reporter]
Earlier: Prior ATL coverage of Borat (scroll down)

* Third Marine pleads guilty in Iraq civilian murder case. [Jurist]
* Villaraigosa says L.A.’s not going out like that. [CNN]
* Ah, the old disaster-victim-flip-this-house ploy; works every time. [AP via Online Athens]
* Man, talk about putting the victim on trial. [AP via Yahoo!]

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