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The NJ Supreme Court Cafeteria: They Don’t Give a Rat’s Ass, They Eat It

rat dead mouse dead died.jpgFirst the New Jersey Supreme Court has to suffer the indignity of the worst judicial portrait ever. And now, this:

A rodent infestation at the Hughes Justice Complex’s cafeteria in Trenton has led state officials to close it down indefinitely and end the contract with the vendor that ran it.

After a health inspection last summer turned up dead rats and other health violations, the vendor, Unique Food Management of Cresskill, was given a chance to fix the conditions, but an inspection last Wednesday found few changes, says Tom Vincz, a spokesman for the state Treasury Department, which oversees the cafeteria.

The state will solicit bids from other firms. Meanwhile, nearly 3,000 workers in the AG’s office, the Supreme Court and other departments will have to go elsewhere for breakfast and lunch.

Unique Food Management, indeed.
Inadmissible: Out to Lunch [New Jersey Law Journal]

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