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Associate Bonus Watch: Keeping Things in Perspective

stack of bills cash money.jpgOnce again, no news. But something might happen today, if the first mover tries to lowball the market. Friday afternoons are the optimal time for breaking bad news.
We never tire of saying this: As soon as you learn of a bonus announcement, even if completely uncorroborated, please email us. We will then go investigate.
This is true even if the bonus announcement is just something you see on a message board. We check the message boards regularly; but when it comes to big bonus news, the faster word gets out, the better. Don’t worry about sending us a duplicative message. We’d rather receive lots of emails with the same tip than be even half an hour late in reporting a key announcement.
In the meantime, as everyone frets, it’s important to maintain a sense of perspective. Earlier this week, we reminded you Biglaw associates that things could be worse. An in-house lawyer in the Midwest is overjoyed just to get a second microwave in his break room. So be grateful for your bonus, even if it’s not as large as you expected.
But if you don’t find that persuasive, let’s approach the issue from the other side: Why are you getting so worked up over your bonuses? They’re piddling!
If you want to talk about serious cash, consider what Wall Street CEOs are expected to receive as bonuses this year. Or if that’s too grandiose a comparison — after all, they’re CEOs of huge multinational corporations — check out the reported bonuses going to some four dozen Goldman Sachs employees.
We feel your pain. We wish we found finance fascinating too.
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