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Chadbourne & Parke: Flourishing or Floundering?

Chadbourne Parke Chadbourn Park Chadborn Park.jpgOver at Infirmation / Greedy NY, there’s an interesting thread about Chadbourne & Parke. It started off with this post:

I heard a rumor from a partner at my firm that C&P is in “turmoil” and that numerous partners are looking around for new firms. Has anyone else heard a similar rumor? Any comment from C&P associates?

Which was seconded by this one:

“I’ve heard the same thing. I actually know of multiple C&P partners who have been talking to other firms about moving their practices…..”

But opposing viewpoints were offered in these two posts:

“Not what I hear. To the contrary I understand that the mood is upbeat and that C&P is busier than ever and growing. And, they matched bonuses and said in their memo that some associates would get more than their class year. Sounds like a good place to be.”

“I am an associate at Chadbourne and have seen no turmoil. I hear many rumors, but have not heard these. Any more info? Looking at the firm from the inside, IMHO it seems to be doing well and heading in the right direction. I get market comp at a decent place to work. So, I hope for my sake that the OP has it wrong. Just my two cents.”

If you have any detailed, solid information that might help resolve this confusion, we’d love to hear from you.
Turmoil at Chadbourne [Infirmation / Greedy NY]

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