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Holiday Party Scandal Stories, Please

champagne glasses.jpgIt’s December, and you know what that means. In addition to law firm associate bonuses — which we’re still waiting for, with bated breath — we get to go to… Christmas HOLIDAY PARTIES!!!
As noted by Alan Kopit, hosting a holiday party is fraught with legal peril. If you’re planning to host such a party, protect yourself against civil liability: include this handy warning, courtesy of Dahlia Lithwick, with all your invitations.
Despite every precaution, people WILL make drunken fools of themselves at holiday parties this year. Bankruptcy lawyers will karaoke to Livin’ on a Prayer; senior associates will puke all over their $1,800 suits; and abundant paralegal ass, male and female, will be grabbed. Wildly inappropriate behavior and egregious forms of misconduct will occur.
Earlier this year, we requested embarrassing summer associate tales, and you obliged. Then we asked for interview horror stories, and you delivered — big-time. So given the time of year, you can guess what we want now: mortifying stories from holiday parties.
Yes, that’s right. If (or rather when) someone does something scandalous or embarrassing at your office holiday party, we want to hear about it. Stories from this year are preferred; but if you have a juicy story from a past year that hasn’t made the rounds yet, we’ll gladly consider it.
Please send such stories to us by email (subject line: “Holiday Party Stories”). We look forward to reading them!
P.S. While we’re asking you for stuff, would someone please send us the results of the NYU Law School hotties contest? Thanks.
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