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Vote Ann Althouse for Grande Conservative Blogress Diva

Ann Althouse Professor Ann Althouse diva Above the Law.JPGWe love contests, and we love divas. So of course we couldn’t resist this poll.
An interesting line-up of nominees. We’re surprised that Michelle Malkin and Kathryn Lopez/K-Lo, both of whom have cult followings, aren’t doing better.
We endorse Professor Althouse — and not just because she’s the most law-oriented blogger in the mix. Why should you vote for her? She makes her case here. Money quote:

I’m not the most conservative. But I am a diva, and I am a blogress, and I can be your blogress diva, you conservative, you.

If you doubt the good professor’s diva credentials, refresh your memory by looking back on her recent “Christianist” catfight with Andrew Sullivan. Or our all-time favorite Althouse-cation, a battle with liberal feminist bloggers that was triggered by this innocent little post.
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