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Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell: S&C’s Shout Out to Charney

Aaron Charney headshot Aaron B Charney Aaron Brett Charney Above the Law Above the Law Above the Law ATL.JPGOur eyes glaze over when we see, in The American Lawyer or over at NYLawyer.com, those laundry lists of lawyers who worked on various transactions. Usually we don’t bother reading them.
But several of you drew our attention to this interesting announcement:

Sullivan, Kaye Scholer Advise Purchase Of Kodak Medical Imaging Business [NYLawyer.com]

In case you haven’t registered for NYLawyer.com — yeah, registering for free sites is a bitch — we reprint the announcement, in full, after the jump.

Here’s the announcement, which one of you forwarded with this observation: “Without a hint of irony, notice the shout-out in the NY Law Journal for the lawyers who worked on the Eastman Kodak deal.”

Toronto-based Onex Corporation has bought Kodak Health Group for up to $2.55 billion. Kodak Health Group is a medical imaging business owned by Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester-based Kodak is selling this unit, which brings in about 20 percent of its revenue, to give more focus to its digital photography products and graphic communications business.

Onex Corp. was represented by Kaye Scholer corporate partners Joel I. Greenberg and Steven G. Canner, employee benefits and executive compensation partner Arthur F. Woodard, tax partner Louis Tuchman and Chicago corporate partner David Lee.

In-house work for Onex Corp. was handled by General Counsel Andrea E. Daly.

Kodak was advised by a team at Sullivan & Cromwell that included mergers and acquisitions partner Stephen M. Kotran and associates Aaron B. Charney, Gera Grinberg and Orit Weinstein; employee benefits partner Max J. Schwartz and associate Melissa B. Apfelbaum; intellectual property special counsel Anna M. Kuzmik and associate Philippine Dodd; tax partner Diana L. Wollman and associate David J. Passey; real estate special counsel Avi I. Szenberg and associate Evan M. Barth; environmental special counsel Matthew J. Brennan; antitrust partner Yvonne S. Quinn; labor partner Robin D. Fessel and special counsel John F. Fullerton, III; financing partner Robert W. Downes and Hydee R. Feldstein; litigation special counsel Eric H. Queen and associate Clea M. Stanton. International attorneys include antitrust partner Juan A. Rodriguez and associate Nathy J. Dunleavy in London, partners Chun Wei and associates Ling Li and Yingmao Tang in China; John E. Estes in Australia; Izumi Akai in Tokyo and John D. Young Jr. in Hong Kong.

General Counsel Joyce P. Haag led Kodak’s in-house legal work.

So Charney can’t complain about not being recognized for his work on this transaction. Also, note the recognition given to his (heterosexual) buddy, Gera Grinberg.
P.S. The best name on this whole list is obviously “Philippine Dodd.” She seems to be quite a hottie. We’re curious about the origin of her name, though, since she doesn’t look remotely Filipina (not even a “mestiza byoo-tee,” as Filipinos like to say).
P.P.S. The second-best name is “Eric Queen.”
(Have Eric Krautheimer and Eric Queen ever been staffed on the same deal? If not, we’d advise against it.)
NY Partners and Associates Working on Billion Dollar Deals [NYLawyer.com]

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