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“Lawyer” of the Day: Muhammad Dye

cocaine crack drugs.jpgWhen we write about pro se litigants, it’s usually because they have done something ridiculous. But some folks who represent themselves — and we’re not just talking about Aaron Charney — can be reasonably effective as advocates.
From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

In March 2004, police arrested Muhammad Dye on Central Avenue. They found him carrying an electric scale, two cellular phones, five empty sandwich bags with cocaine residue and $1,063 in cash.

Dye was charged with drug possession and possession of criminal tools, but after a weeklong trial in November 2005, a jury cleared him of the charges. Dye even argued successfully that all the items seized should be returned to him, right down to the sandwich bags.

This guy sounds AWESOME. Here’s more from the article:

Common Pleas Judge Lillian Greene declined to discuss the case because Dye has three more cases pending before her. Courtroom observers, though, said Dye is surprisingly charming. While he sometimes mangles his words, he gets his point across to the jury.

Considering that Dye prevailed in getting his cocaine-dusted Ziplocs returned to him, he’s got to be good.
Update: From someone who has witnessed Muhammad Dye in action:

He’s not great, I’ll be honest, but he’s not bad. His cross of a codefendant who flipped was decent — he got his point across. Having clerked in a federal district court, I’ve seen lots worse from retained defense attorneys.

Accused drug kingpin defending himself [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

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