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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: December 31, 2006

Legal Eagle Wedding Watch NYT wedding announcements Above the Law.jpgOne of you recently commented: “Retire this feature until the spring, dude. No one gets married in December.”

We beg to differ — unless you consider one of the Elect to be a nobody. A surprisingly high number of lawyers got hitched on the weekend before New Year’s Day. We even had to make some cuts.

Here are the three couples from the December 30-31 weekend that we will review:

1. Margaret Cimino, Jaime Wolf

2. Theane Evangelis, Teddy Kapur

3. Courtenay Seabring, Nathaniel Ebel

Random aside: The best tidbit from the December 31 wedding announcements appeared in the write-up for two non-lawyers, Darcy Wolcott and Thomas Proctor:

Mr. Proctor’s forebears, the Hood and Towne families, settled the towns of Topsfield and Ipswich, Mass., in the early 1600’s. One ancestor, Mary Towne Easty, was hanged as a witch in 1692 in Salem.

If you can claim an ancestor who was executed for being a witch, you get an automatic 10 for your “Family” score.

Scores and commentary for the newlywed lawyer couples, after the jump.

1. Margaret Cimino, Jaime Wolf

Résumé score: 9.0. Pretty awesome. She’s a VP at Bear Stearns, working in the legal and compliance department (so she probably doesn’t make as much as the pure finance types; but we’re sure she’s doing very well for herself). She’s a Harvard College and U. Penn law grad. Her husband is a freelance writer and — get this — a music video director. How cool! Oh, and he’s a Harvard College grad, too.
Family score: 8.7. The highlight is Margaret Cimino’s father: Dr. Joseph Cimino, an internist, is the former president and CEO of New York Medical College. Jaime’s father owns a travel agency, and his mother owns a mortgage services company.
Balance score: 8.7. Nicely balanced. We love couples where one spouse brings home the bacon, while the other does something creative. Margaret and Jaime fit the bill (but this time it’s the woman earning the big bucks).
Overall score: 8.80.
Additional comments: They were married at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, the renowned restaurant on the old Rockefeller estate, created by top chef Dan Barber. This shows impeccable taste.

Theane Evangelis Teddy Kapur Teddy Manish Kapur Theodore Kapur.jpg2. Theane Evangelis, Teddy Kapur

Résumé score: 9.4. She’s one of the Elect, a former law clerk to Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (OT 2004), as well as Judge Alex Kozinski. She’s a Georgetown (cum laude) and NYU Law (summa) grad, now at the entertainment law boutique of Ziffren Brittenham (shortened; the firm’s official name is interminable). He’s also a lawyer, now at O’Melveny & Myers. He graduated from Rice (magna), Harvard (MPA), and NYU Law (JD). (Theane and Teddy’s score of 9.4 falls just shy of the 9.5 garnered by Lori Alvino and Matthew McGill.)
Family score: 8.8. Her parents own a gas station and automotive sales and repair business. His mother is a retired network engineering manager for AT&T, and his father is a manager of information technology at the University of Houston. These jobs aren’t super-glamorous, and normally we’d score them lower. But the Evangelis and Kapur families have evidently very well for themselves, in light of the extravagance of their childrens’ wedding (described below).
Beauty score: 8.9. Attractive. He has a well-shaped head. She’s the Greek version of Minnie Driver.
Balance score: 8.5. Teddy Kapur is very well-credentialed. But he’s not one of the Elect. He didn’t graduate first in his class from NYU, as did Theane Evangelis. Nor did he get to drive Justice O’Connor’s car around Washington (as did his wife, for about a month, while clerking for SOC).
Overall score: 8.90.
Additional comments: The Boston Globe named the Evangelis-Kapur nuptials the Wedding of the Year. The Globe article describes the wedding as a “lavish two-day celebration join[ing] Greek and Indian traditions.”

You can read the Globe write-up here. One of our tipsters was there and had this to say:

The biggest law wedding in about a million years: Theane Evangelis (former Supreme Court clerk) and Teddy Kapur, both NYU grads. Huge wedding weekend in Boston over New Year’s Eve.

Two ceremonies — one Greek, one Indian. Serious food, serious cash (the Greeks showered the dancing couple with so many dollar bills that guests were dancing on money all night long), serious fashion (the bride wore Vera Wang luxe).

Guests were equally illustrious: a bunch of SCOTUS clerks, including Tali Farhadian, who attended the Indian ceremony on Saturday morning); Theane’s other co-clerk, Josh [Klein]; and some guy who also clerked for the Court. A bunch of NYU law people, another lawyer couple (the husband had worked with the groom, the wife was a law professor at Berkeley), and a lot of the groom’s friends who now work in hedge funds and investment banks.

It was written up as the wedding of the year in a three-page color spread in the Boston Globe. And of course there was the obligatory NY Times announcement.

Courtenay Cooper Seabring Courtney Cooper Seabring Nathaniel Aaron Ebel Nathaniel Ebel Nate Ebel.jpg3. Courtney Seabring, Nathaniel Ebel

Résumé score: 8.9. They met at UVA, where they both received master’s degrees in English. We bet their wedding ceremony featured lots of Romantic love poetry. She went to Princeton (cum laude) and UVA Law; he went to Baylor (magna). She’s now at Willkie Farr in New York, and he teaches English at a boys’ boarding school (in Virginia — perhaps they’re doing the long-distance thing).
Family score: 8.8. Her father is a retired VP of Citigroup, and her mother is a retired executive director of the Bronxville School Foundation. His mother is a nurse, and his father…

Ok, this is weird and interesting, so we’ll just quote from the announcement:

His father owns the Buckhorn Llama Company in Masonville, Colo., which leads guided wilderness trips using llamas to carry gear, and of Altiplano Insulation, also in Masonville, which manufactures outerwear made from llama fiber.

Beauty score: 9.1. Nate Ebel is, to use a term of art, HOTT. And Courtenay isn’t bad either. She has striking blue eyes.
Balance score: 8.7. Well-balanced. She has more impressive credentials, but he is, well, HOTT. This is a time-honored trade-off, even if it’s usually the other way around (with the man bringing the creds/money, and the woman bringing the looks).
Overall score: 8.88.
Additional comments: Is Nathaniel Ebel’s father related possibly to Judge David M. Ebel, of the Tenth Circuit? Before dismissing this possibility out of hand, it’s worth noting that (1) Judge Ebel is based in Colorado, and (2) Nathaniel Ebel’s parents live in Coloardo. Considering how tiny the population of the state is, some relationship lies within the realm of possibility.

THIS WEEK’S WINNING COUPLE: If their wedding is good enough to be named Wedding of the Year by The Boston Globe, then surely they’re good enough to be named Couple of the Week by Legal Eagle Wedding Watch. Congratulations to THEANE EVANGELIS and TEDDY KAPUR!!!

My Big Fat Greek (and Indian) Wedding [Boston Globe]

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