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Movie Night With Justice Breyer (Part 2)

Seth Waxman 6 Seth P Waxman Above the Law Above the Law.JPG

“You mean to tell me that this guy has argued before the Supreme Court? This guy, in the button-down shirt? Seriously?”
Here are the remaining photos from our recent Movie Night With Justice Breyer. The first batch was posted over here.
As we previously explained, these pictures are pretty awful — dark and blurry. Because of all the priceless art lying around, we weren’t allowed use a flash inside the darkened precincts of the Phillips Collection.
And we’re not great at photography to begin with. And we could use a better camera. (Did you catch that, Sony and Canon publicists?)
But if you’re looking for a break from all the law firm pay raise coverage, maybe you’ll appreciate them. Check them out, after the jump.

Michael Breyer 1 Mike Breyer Michael Breyer Above the Law Mike Breyer Mike Breyer.JPG
This is Michael Breyer, the son of Justice Stephen G. Breyer. He’s a nice (and nice-looking) chap, whose facial expressions are uncannily similar to those of his father. Their smiles are pretty much identical.
We met Mike Breyer on line as we were entering the dining room. After we introduced ourselves, the conversation went something like this:

MB: “Hi, I’m Michael Breyer.”
ATL: “Umm, excuse me???”
MB: “Oh, I was just saying my name. I’m Michael.”
ATL: “No, what did you say after that?”
MB: “Breyer? I’m Michael Breyer?”
ATL: “Breyer? You mean… As in… JUSTICE Breyer???”
MB: “Yeah.”
ATL: “So are you, like, um, RELATED? To JUSTICE Breyer?”
MB: “Umm, yeah…”
ATL: “HOW???”
MB: “He’s my dad.”
ATL: “OH WOW, that is SO COOL!!!”

We almost asked him for his autograph, but restrained ourselves. Forgive us for being starstruck. In Article III groupie circles, meeting SCOTUS spawn is like meeting Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt!
Despite his noble birth, Michael Breyer struck us as very down-to-earth and pleasant. He’s a Stanford grad — college AND business school — who is the co-founder and president of Courtroom Connect. To read more about the company, which specializes in “address[ing] the growing need for communications infrastructure within courthouses,” click here.
Seth Waxman 3 Seth P Waxman Above the Law.JPG
Meet WilmerHale partner Seth P. Waxman, who served as Solicitor General under President Clinton the First. As you can see from his ear-to-ear green, Seth Waxman is one happy fella.

And you’d be smiling too — if you were a SCOTUS possibility for President Clinton the Second (Hillary!!!).
Stephen Breyer 3 Seth Waxman Stephen G Breyer Seth P Waxman Above the Law Above the Law.JPG

Some ex parte contact between Justice Breyer and Seth Waxman. The best way to secure a justice’s vote is with a collegial pat on the back.
Seth Waxman 5 Stephen G Breyer Seth P Waxman Stephen Breyer Above the Law.JPG

Professor Rogers Wilkins; Seth Waxman; Justice Breyer.
Lamar Smith 1 Stephen Breyer Stephen G Breyer Seth Waxman Seth P Waxman Above the Law.JPG
Michael Breyer 2 Mike Breyer Michael Breyer Above the Law.JPG

Michael Breyer, serving himself at the dinner buffet — even though his father is a Supreme Court justice, and his mother is British aristocracy!
Michael Breyer 3 Mike Breyer Stephen G Breyer Stephen Breyer Lamar Smith.JPG

Margaret Carlson 2 Above the Law.JPG

No D.C. dinner party would be complete without a flurry of meta-introductions. Someone we failed to photograph introduced Margaret Carlson (above), who introduced Justice Breyer, who introduced the movie being screened (The Third Man).
Lamar Smith 2 Above the Law Lamar Smith Above the Law.JPG
Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX). A most charming fellow — we sat next to him at dinner. He has a sweet tooth, as evidenced by his enjoyment of the spread of dessert cookies.
Pat Leahy 1 Patrick Leahy Sheldon Whitehouse.JPG

Two late arrivals: Sen. Pat Leahy (D-VT), the new chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee (in eyeglasses); and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), the former Attorney General of Rhode Island (scratching his head).
Senators Leahy and Whitehouse didn’t show up until after the movie was over. They blamed their tardiness on a “vote.” But we suspect they were at Camelot Showbar.
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Programming Note: We’re Off to See the Wizard

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