Non-Sequiturs: 01.26.07

[Ed. note: These Non-Sequiturs from Stella Q should have been published on Friday the 26th, but as you may have noticed, we were experiencing technical difficulties at the time.]
* Paris Hilton again? We too are complicit in the current state of our nation. But we would at least have recognized Ruth Ginsburg. If you’re not STILL preoccupied with Biglaw salary raises, you should be outraged right now. [New York Post]
* Regardless of who wins or loses, it’s free publicity for both. Perhaps the entire point of Ms Millenia “No Racial Profiling” Black? [Overlawyered]
* If you spot anything new in this dialogue, then let me know. [New York Times]
* I don’t know if Lat is rubbing off on me or what, but I think I will pick this book up this weekend. Enough with the hipster fiction already. (But the less self-conscious, less post-modern fiction, I’ll keep.) [Legal History Blog]
* Rap Label sues, er, Condoleeza Rice and, er, Canada. And people say Canadians are irrelevant. [JD2B]

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